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Houston Chinese ...

Houston Chinese Christian Business Association

Web Design for the Houston Chinese Christian Business Association


價值 Value:
HCCBA shall embrace a Christ-centered perspective that abides by
Biblical principles for God’s glory.異象

HCCBA shall endeavor to transform Christian business leaders to become
the salt and light of the world.使命

HCCBA shall make every effort to lead business entrepreneurs and
future business leaders to be Christians.

HCCBA shall mold, edify, and equip Christian entrepreneurs and
future Christian business leaders to integrate biblical values and
principles in their personal and business lives and in marketplaces.

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Christ’s K...

Christ’s Kingdom Ministries

Website dedicated to Pastor Liu since 1966. He had served as "Christian Forum" columnist "choice" issue of Taiwan's special correspondent; former Mennonite American Federation of directors for six years; in 1998 founded the kingdom of Christ a Mission; 1994, God opened Pastor Liu country and to serve the door, with the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit anointing, North America, Asia, Europe, South America, New Zealand and Australia and other places serving the Lord. Pastor Liu forward to "non-Yat set", "prayer ministry and inspiring", "prayer and the Holy Spirit as a" (upper and lower) and so on. Liu these years has been the pastor held in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, the United States and Europe prophetic ministry training, many lives were created, confidence is 挑旺, gifts are excited obvious, people bring up the kingdom of God, and lead multi-player decision for Christ.

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Church of the Li...

Church of the Living God

Website design for CLG Church to thank God for his wonderful leadership that brought them to the United States.

Our church has adopted a senior apartment, Penelope Senior Apartment, which is about 15 minutes from our church. We have a Bible study class there every Tuesday from 4 to 5 pm. We provided an English class before, but the class was temporarily suspended because of the shortage of the instructor. We are praying for an English teacher for the senior apartment. In addition to our regular classes, we celebrate with them in some Chinese and American holidays.

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Immanuel Christi...

Immanuel Christian Fellowship

Website Design to honor the fellowship of Immanuel Christian Fellowship:

To build on the foundation of Apostles and Prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the Chief Cornerstone
To network with the five-fold ministry to prepare God
s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up
To be a church with God’s presence, a church with teamwork ministry, a church with power evangelism for the ministry, and a worldwide missionary church

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Jesus Ministries...

Jesus Ministries International

Web Design to commemorate Jesus International Ministries organization:

Pastor Zhou founded JMI team in 2006 in North America, the inner life of workshops held in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of China. God uses JMI team to spread information and anointing inner life, creating a large number of churches and pastors all over, he found the way into the inner life into a more intimate relationship with God. And around his feet to the track as God's also a lot quieter group waiting on God to become the country fountain of living waters, so that both can be close to where the thirsty to drink - this river of life flowing water!

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